Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tea Tree Oil - A Plantar Wart Treatment

Tea Tree Essential Oil has been shown to be a very effective Plantar Wart Treatment.

Tea Tree Oil has anti-viral properties that are successful in treating a Plantar Wart.

To Use Tea Tree Oil for Plantar Wart Treatment:

Add a few drops directly to the wart several times per day.

If adding the Tea Tree Oil at full strength causes discomfort or pain, add the Tea Tree Oil to a little carrier oil and reapply as described above.

It's typical to recommend never to use essential oil full strength on the skin, but due to the stubborn nature of a Plantar Wart as well as the tough texture of the sole of the foot, results are often more effective if the oil is used full strength. Never use Tea Tree Oil on other areas of the body without first mixing it with a carrier oil and never ingest any essential oil internally.

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