Friday, September 28, 2012

Bee Propolis For Plantar Warts

Bee Propolis is a sticky brown pasty substance that is produced by Honey Bees to protect the hive, kind of like caulk or glue.

Propolis has a variety of health benefits, like reducing inflammation, strengthening the immune system, treating burns and most importantly for Plantar Wart sufferers, treating viral diseases.

Plantar Warts are brought about by the HPV virus and Bee Propolis has been shown to help relieve and often eliminate Plantar Warts.

Bee Propolis comes in a couple of forms.  Gel coated capsules to be taken internally and a paste like substance that is ideal to treat a Plantar Wart as it is thick and sticky and can be applied directly to the wart and stay there.

Simply generously apply the Bee Propolis paste to the wart, then cover and tape with gauze.  Repeat this several time per day until the wart has healed.

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